Valory and Chica In The DR

Valory and Chica In The DR

Big-titted women have no cultural and nationalistic barriers between them. When it comes to jiggling and wiggling, there is no prejudice, no bigotry. Big boobs unify the world. Ukrainian citizen and Dominican local Chica met for the first time on Chica's soil and hit it off as boobie buddies. Chica took Valory to a local bodega and together they slipped into string bikinis and posed for pictures. The world's leaders could learn a lesson in bonding from Valory and Chica. They can skip the bikini modeling, of course.
Featuring: Chica and Valory Irene
Date: November 17th, 2023
Photos: 63

Member Comments

Wow !!! Chicas body is just as amazing as valory. Those bikini's are perfect and tiny

Two of my faves! The setting at dusk is beautiful! Would love to see more of them-together or alone!

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