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Big Racked Roomies

When Valory enrolled in the Big Boob Finishing School, she was nervous about who she was going to room with. Luckily for her, she ended up rooming with Sophie Mae and Eden. These ladies instantly fell in love with Valory's puffy-tipped peaks and started teasing her, asking her to take her top off. We are probably doing a public service by letting you all know this, but pillow-fights DO happen in all-girls dorms and they DO end with a room full of giggling naked chicks. We promise you. Once the pillows started flying in Valory's dorm room, it wasn't too long before all of their clothes did, too. The girls compare tit size and shape and then, tuckered from their naked horseplay, they ended up naked and drowsy, lying side by side.
Featuring: Eden Mor, Sophie Mae, and Valory Irene
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