coming soon: Dressed--and Undressed--to Impress

Dressed--and Undressed--to Impress

"If I was with my new boyfriend and we were going out for the day with his parents, I think I could wear this outfit," said Valory, who's looking casually sexy but classy in a yellow halter top, shorts and reasonable shoes. "I would probably get some looks because of my breasts, but it is almost impossible for me to cover them completely and not look huge!" This outfit actually received the seal of approval from Valory's mother and brother, who she lives with in the Ukraine. "I always like to look my best," Valory said. "Even if I am hanging around my house, I will never wear sandals. I always wear heels." Even in bed? "That," Valory said, "is something you are going to have to wait to find out!"

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4 years ago 
To be able to masturbate daily to a woman this gorgeous, with tits this amazing is more gratifying than I could have ever imagined. Valerie in particular has enabled me to cum more than once in the same euphoric session. Feeds my magnificent obsession with big tit goddesses!
5 years ago 
i am in love
6 years ago 
Valory Irene is so hot in this set

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