Valory Irene Videos (Page 4)

Another space age outfit for Valory, this one a fantastic plastic bikini. She could be one of those hot alien chicks that Kirk and Spock meet on some crazy all-female planet. But although Valory's breasts are big (all-natural FF-cups), with her, it's more a matter of quality than quantity. She has perfectly shaped tits that slope like a ski-jump, rising gently to pale, speckled, silver-dollar areolae and nipples that always look as if they're going to poke your eyes out. And, although Valory's tits are perfect, there's more to her than just a great pair. "The combination of perfect tits and an ass to die for is one that doesn't come along too often, but Valory has it all," wrote L.K. "Valory is like a dream except she's 100% real. Amazing."
A swanky pad, Valory in sexy lingerie and you. Life does not get any better. Could not get better than this. So who is this fantasy girl who fell into our lives like an angel from heaven? Before she came to SCORE, Valory was a manager at an Internet company. Now, she's a superstar, the star of such DVDs as SCORELAND On Location, Wet Dream, Valory's Vault, Big-Tit Skinny Dip, Big-Boob Finishing School, Breast of SCORELAND 2 and Tits & Tugs 8 (in which she does her first on-camera tug job and tit-fuck scene). "I don't think of myself as special," says Valory. "I think all women are special, and any man can make a woman feel special. I am very excited to be here because I never thought of myself as a star, so it is nice to get so much attention. It makes me feel very good to know that so many men enjoy looking at me."
A real doll, pretty Valory Irene has a beautiful body with natural 34FF cups. Her ski-sloped breasts end in wide areolae, a true treat for the aficionado. She is a Ukrainian (so are Busty Merilyn and Sha Rizel) and was discovered by a SCORE reader who spotted her in a mall, introduced himself, talked to her about modeling (she'd never modeled before) and convinced her that she would be perfect as a model. Serendipity had a firm hand in Valory coming to us. She'd never heard of us before since SCORE magazine is not available in her country. Valory works as a manager in an Internet company. Now she's famous and has traveled the world with us.
Valory Irene is wearing a tiny bikini at poolside. Her slim, gorgeous, heavy-titted bod was made for decorating with hot swimsuits and tight outfits. Valory starts off her very first, and quite possibly last Tits & Tugs, with a boob-shaking, hip-grinding dance. After her dance, Valory gets into a cat-like pose and advances towards the camera. "Today I have a very special surprise for you," Valory says in her sexy accent, a smile brightening her beautiful face. "You will like it. You're waiting a long time for this. And you deserve it. And I want to give you exactly what you want." Valory cups her cups for emphasis. "I'm going to give you this. All of this. You ready?" Valory walks away, her ass cheeks moving from side-to-side and strolls over to the veranda where her T&T session waits. This video is shot in P.O.V. for a virtual experience. You are the man. Disembodied hands apply oil to Valory's succulent 42-inchers, rubbing and massaging them until they are shiny and slick, and ready for the rod. Valory moans with pleasure from the breast and nipple stimulation. She lays on her back for the great event to begin, eyes wide and full of expectation, her tits offered for the taking. Are you ready to see Valory's beautiful tits fucked, her hands stroking the rod and her boobs glazed with the man-juice? Can you handle it? Then roll the video for Valory's first and only Tits & Tugs!