Valory's Belly Dance

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Valory's Belly Dance

Valory enjoys dancing, like most chicks. On a road trip with a group of busty beauties, Valory picked up some pointers about the art of belly dancing from Sophie Mae. Sophie is an accomplished dancer and dance teacher back home in the Czech Republic. She knows all about belly dancing. In fact, we'll be seeing video from a belly dancing class that Sophie taught to Valory. Valory is a fast learner and she's good in this dance video! Seeing her wearing a belly dancing costume and gyrating her tits and butt definitely puts horny thoughts in a man's mind and gets his fez spinning like a dervish. "I really love '80s disco music," Valory said. "But now I love middle-eastern belly dancing music too. It's so sexy!" Dance, Valory! Dance! Read More »
Featuring: Valory Irene
Date: August 25th, 2023
Duration: 13:51

Member Comments

Valley has brought the art of erotic belly dancing to a new level.

Amazing body . She dances so smoothly . Perfect tits

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